Our Famous European Artists

Artist Rudolfo Bucacio (Manager of the Future)
Born on the 16.Juli 1933 in Gera/ Thüringen/Germany. Study at the John.Wolfagang von Goethe Unsiversity Frankfurt Main. Subject of ARTS and Teaching of Arts. Further Studies in Philosophie, Psychologie and history of arts. Intern. Dozent / Professor for paitings, art sculpturing, and art photografics. Study at the Esslinger Kunstakademie, Studies in art of Bronze Casting at the Berufsfachschule Friedberg In his whole life his studies had been destinated to the interdependences of designs-colours-energy-research to transmit those experiences to a higher level of sculptural arts. At present he works and lives a in his studio situated in the remote for forest in Germany. His futuristic sculptural masterpieces are destinated to the people of the 21 st. Century .
People who are interested in:
1) optimal compostition of Sculpture & -Space & desing
2) the precious of material, elegance ,and Invidivitulity.
3) the Magic of perfectism
4) sculptures , which influences , motivate , aktivat and harmorniese people with the result of a healing effect for the body and soul

Artist Don Alberto Carlos (The sculpturist of the erotic harmony)
Born on 1949 in Mark Brandenburg /Germany Inspired by his parents, his mother a famous artist painter in oil canvas and his Father a arcitectural designer and constractor, the artist developed his inspiration to the world of fine arts.
Several years studies at the John Wolfgang von Goethe University Frankfurt Main in the micro and marco economics world . Accompanied by studies in the history arts of the different world religions. Specialized studies in contemporary and futureal sculptural arts .
By travelling through out the world, meeting people in different countries, he met erotic human beings in an erotic world. Out of this experience he received his Inspiration and Motivation , which he express in sculpturing emotionful erotic masterpieces in the precious material of bronze.

Artist Ze Nobre (Architect of the sensual art of Erotic)
The international well knowned Artist , born in Austria found his destination , in the Exhibitionismus and Voyeurismus of the female Erotic Life. This famous sculptural architect creates sculptures , which expressed the Incredible erotic on one side and on the other side the decent untouched purness of the erotic individualist.
The Result is real EROTIC PUR.